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Why You Should Consider Moving to Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR is a town on the south end of the Willamette Valley, that is often referred to as “Emerald City.” Most citizens are environmentally aware people who lean toward social responsibility, a respect for nature and minimalism. It’s also called “Track Town, USA,” because Nike had its beginnings in the city. The slogan, “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors,” says a lot about the town.

Our website has an extensive listing of homes for Sale in Eugene, OR. Although this city is sometimes called a Hippie Mecca, because it was once the second home of the Grateful Dead, it offers many nice amenities for tourists and residents. There are many artists that come to Eugene for Clay Fest, the local Saturday market and to the Eugene Glass School. Your dollars go farther, because the cost-of-living index is much lower than most larger cities with the same type of opportunities.

Amenities in Eugene

Quality of Life in Eugene

According to, the quality of life index in Eugene, OR is very high. Healthcare is accessible at the RiverBend Medical Center. The medical staff is skilled and competent, and the hospital keeps up with the most modern technology. Weather-wise, it’s a very pleasant place to live, without extreme temperatures in the summer or winter. Education is also extremely accessible. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, which offers many added cultural opportunities for residents. The city has a thriving arts district, many eco-tourist activities and a focus on cultural events to benefit its residents. You can easily access the mountains or the beach, to provide many different types of day-trips for you and your family.

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